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Don't Burst my Bubble | A personal post

Ever since I can remember spring break has been golden. It represents one word: freedom. When I was a student it meant freedom from books, studying, teen drama and school bells. When I was a teacher it meant freedom from dreaded standardized testing, meetings, Parent -teacher conferences, and just responsibility in general . But the joy it brings me now is far sweeter. It means extra time with my school aged nieces. And even better, I get a front row seat in watching my two little ones build lasting memories with their cousins. 

All it took this particular evening was bubbles. To a 1 year old bubbles are magical.  And to a photographer this golden light and pure childhood joy are where the magic is. And these happy things came together to create a moment in time that I will not forget. 

And as you can see in their faces...I'm pretty sure they won't either. (And even if they do, these images are a reminder). 

So here's to breaking out your big cameras, point and shoots or iPhones and documenting YOUR moments. I promise you won't regret it.

The Bauer Family

I cannot tell you how much I look forward to seeing this family!  Every single time it is a new adventure and I fall a little more in love with them.  And these kids melt me!  I love watching their sweet sibling bond.  The way that they play together is just beautiful!  And then there was the evening light and the fountain that made them completely giddy.  I guess you could say that it was just a perfect evening! 

Mabry Jackson

I love photographing newborns!  Im not going to lie I get nervous before any newborn session, because you just never know how the babies are going to sleep. But the effort makes each shot that much more rewarding.  And I can honestly say this sweet baby with her perfect little features was worth any time and effort put forth.  Not to mention her mom, Karen, is one of my best friends and neighbors so getting to hang out together while photographing was a major plus.  And props to Karen who assisted in this final "froggy pose" she was like a pro! 

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions

This year I have decided to offer something new and fun! I can't believe that Spring is right around the corner and with it comes Mother's Day. I am beyond excited to announce Mommy and Me Mini Sessions in honor of celebrating motherhood. This is for all of the moms out there that are always behind the camera and rarely in the shot. I totally relate to you and I want to create photographic evidence that shows you were there! You were there with loving arms and affection.  You were there to laugh and play and watch every new milestone. You were there during the tears and provided a steady shelter. My desire is to create images that your grown children will look at one day and remember the warmth of your embrace and the love in your gaze.   

For those of you who know a special mommy out there that would love to have pictures made with her kid(s) (what mom wouldn't!?!) this is a great early gift to give for Mother's day!

Whats included:

~ 40 minute session (Will take place in the evenings about an hour before sunset)

~ 10 High resolution images for printing

~A one time 15% discount off of a family session booked in 2016

~includes mom and up to 2 kids (add an additional $15 per child exceeding 2)


~ $125 (session only)

~ $160 (session + four 8x10 prints and four 5x7 prints)

8 Slots Available:

~ Friday, March 4th- 4:50 and 5:35

~Saturday, March 5th- 4:50 and 5:35

~Friday, March 11th- 4:50 and 5:35

~Saturday, March 12th- 4:50 and 5:35

Contact Information:

email: alightphotography@bellsouth.net

phone: 678-673-4199

Also you can send a PM through my Alight Photography Facebook page 

The Holloman Family

I am so thankful to call these folks my family!  And even more grateful to be able to capture these sweet moments between them.  And I know that I am bias, but... They. Are. Gorgeous.  I mean, look at them!  So much laughing and playing and chewing gum (mostly by Kennedi) and just warmth.  

Scott Family

Holly Scott.  Where do I begin!?!  I have only truly known her for a little over a year.  In that time I have learned so much from her as a mother and a person.  She is strong and kind and good.  She is a woman of God and a wonderful friend.  And her family...well, when they are all together it is like magic.  Lots of laughter and fun and plenty of love.  

The Popple Family

One of the perks of photographing people is getting the opportunity to meet and connect with amazing families.  The Popple family is such a great example of this!  I felt like I was hanging out with old friends.  And their son Landon, I mean come on, look at him!  He is so darn cute!  During this session I was able to learn so much about this family that recently moved here and opened up a Pediatric Dentist office.  Ben and Deanna both work at White Oak Pediatric Dentistry which I had already heard amazing things about.  And after talking with Ben about my own children's teeth there is no doubt in my mind that we will be making a visit there very soon!  Amazing people and an amazing evening!

The Fonoimoana Family

Sometimes there just aren't any words to describe a wonderful moment that God creates.  He is just so good.  All I can say is that God has used this family to bless me.  Photographing them was an honor and I am so thankful to know them.  And seriously could they be any more beautiful?! Life happened and made this session start late and I didn't think there would be enough light to capture very many pictures.  But evidently this family was all the light I needed because I had so many photos to choose from:)

The Hammett Family

I really love shooting families of 3.  That first born baby basically hung the moon in the eyes of their parents.  And RaeLynn...I mean look at her! She is to die for! Those two bottom teeth that aren't even because they are still growing in!  One look at her and we were smitten!  My favorite part of this session is that every picture where mom and dad are looking at her you can FEEL the sheer love. Every. Single. Picture.  Priceless!

The Arnold Family

It is not often that we take on extended family photos, but we are seriously thankful to have been chosen to photograph the Arnold family!  We went expecting a touch of chaos, instead we were overwhelmed with love and lots of fun.  Just look at this gorgeous family! We have nothing but great things to say about each and every one of them.  We hope to photograph them all again very soon!

The Shaw Family

We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph this family on several occasions. They bring so much energy to each session.  And I LOVE  their sense of humor!  Each time we see them we feel at ease.  There is something so beautiful about watching them interact and love on each other.  The evening was full of laughter, hugs, hunting for bugs (thanks to Parker), and little Sadie practicing her new walking skills! So many great interacting shots from this session!  Makes me so happy!