Georgia photographer

The Bowen Family

Photographing this family was such a treat!  I couldn't get enough of their authentic interactions with one another.  It was beautiful and real.  And these are the things I love to photograph.  Of course they are all just gorgeous and the evening weather could not have felt any better.   And these busy boys had the most amazing manners.  They don't get much sweeter than this family right here!


The Buckalew Family

I am so blessed when I get to see families year after year.  I love seeing families change and grow. And I also get the opportunity to spend time with families that I have grown to love.  Its not hard to love this family!  They are so sweet:) And they have the rare ability to be playful, sarcastic and completely loving and encouraging at the same time!  So grateful to know them!

Don't Burst my Bubble | A personal post

Ever since I can remember spring break has been golden. It represents one word: freedom. When I was a student it meant freedom from books, studying, teen drama and school bells. When I was a teacher it meant freedom from dreaded standardized testing, meetings, Parent -teacher conferences, and just responsibility in general . But the joy it brings me now is far sweeter. It means extra time with my school aged nieces. And even better, I get a front row seat in watching my two little ones build lasting memories with their cousins. 

All it took this particular evening was bubbles. To a 1 year old bubbles are magical.  And to a photographer this golden light and pure childhood joy are where the magic is. And these happy things came together to create a moment in time that I will not forget. 

And as you can see in their faces...I'm pretty sure they won't either. (And even if they do, these images are a reminder). 

So here's to breaking out your big cameras, point and shoots or iPhones and documenting YOUR moments. I promise you won't regret it.