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Don't Burst my Bubble | A personal post

Ever since I can remember spring break has been golden. It represents one word: freedom. When I was a student it meant freedom from books, studying, teen drama and school bells. When I was a teacher it meant freedom from dreaded standardized testing, meetings, Parent -teacher conferences, and just responsibility in general . But the joy it brings me now is far sweeter. It means extra time with my school aged nieces. And even better, I get a front row seat in watching my two little ones build lasting memories with their cousins. 

All it took this particular evening was bubbles. To a 1 year old bubbles are magical.  And to a photographer this golden light and pure childhood joy are where the magic is. And these happy things came together to create a moment in time that I will not forget. 

And as you can see in their faces...I'm pretty sure they won't either. (And even if they do, these images are a reminder). 

So here's to breaking out your big cameras, point and shoots or iPhones and documenting YOUR moments. I promise you won't regret it.