February 365| A Personal Post


Today you woke up crying. I could tell by your cry that you were scared. When I went in to get you you held me tight and brought all your comforts from your crib with you. I wasn't quite sure what was wrong, but of course you ended up in my bed with me. Once you got comfortable you told me about your bad dream. The morning light was just starting to drift into the window and shine on your face. The mood of the light fit the mood of the room. I grabbed my camera fast and was so grateful that you stayed in one place. This picture assures me that I will forever remember these lovies of yours and how you always asked to come in our bed in the mornings.


Getting ready for the morning. You are helping your brother who is just starting to learn to dress himself. You are always so willing to help and he is not always receptive. Today was one of those mornings he was trying to exert his independence. I did manage to catch your effort on film. You are the sweetest little mama. I am so grateful for your helpful spirit.


praying that this little boy is always seeking The Light with all of his soul.


play dates and frigid frog is just what the doctor ordered.


today your daddy took you on a daddy daughter date night. Afterwards you came home with a beautiful rose and pictures from your date. You told me that you had never seen a real rose like this one before. You had so much to tell about your date and I could see how special it made you feel. May you always know just how much your daddy loves you and how special you are. I am so grateful that you have a daddy that is setting a strong foundation for you to know your worth.


This may look like chaos, but one of the most beautiful things that having a newborn has done lately is to slow us all down. So, our mornings look like this. I am always hunkered down in my bed for the first 30-45 minutes of the day feeding Judah. And you and your sister come to me. You beg for stories, so we read book after book. This morning your sister asked to do school so we had school blocks out and you dumped them over and over again while Adalynn wrote her sentences. It was just what I needed to start my morning with good perspective on what is truly important. My time spent with all of you is never wasted.


Portrait of my baby boy. You are just starting to smile and it lights up your whole face:)


within the first hour of every day you have already asked me at least once to hold your baby brother. You love to hold him in the morning because thats when he gives the best smiles. You will always announce with such happiness "look, he's smiling at me!" This morning I wanted to be the one to make you smile so I offered to let you hold him standing up. You were more than thrilled as you have asked me this multiple times and the answer is always "no". Today I knew you could handle it. It lasted for just 2 short minutes, but just look at the sweetness.


Painting on the deck.


sick days are just no fun for anyone.


While daddy and sister are quarantined in the back bedroom I am getting some quality time with you. We have played game after game and read book after book. However, you still long for the outdoors. Sickness and cold weather have kept us cooped up for too long.


we start em young around here.


Prepping for Valentines Day.


Its Valentines Day!


You got your first bouquet of flowers from your daddy. He knew how it would make you feel after getting the one rose on your daddy-daughter date. He was right. You were thrilled. He waited until you fell asleep, cut them, arranged them in a vase and placed them in your room for you to discover when you woke up. He is a good man. And you, my daughter, deserve it.


you got an electric four wheeler for Christmas and it's all you want to ride lately. However I was able to talk you into riding your balance bike yesterday... finally. Here you were busy "checking" all the parts cause that's just what you do😉 oh and those rain boots are your new obsession. 


Well its not a real party until your kid blows out his diaper and you don't have a spare pair of pants. Yep, Im that mom that had a kid running around CFA with boots and a diaper. On our way out to the car I received 1 sympathetic head shake and chuckle from a middle aged man in the drive through line and another "looks like you've got your hands full" comment from a fellow mom. Thankfully, I was there with friends who watched my other two while I cleaned my dirty kid. It takes a village.


Daddy brought the boat home last night. You were both pumped since you haven't seen it in months. At first, you used it as your jungle gym to climb all over. Soon enough your imaginations went wild and you were on a ship fighting bad pirates with your swords (aka water squirters). You played until the sun went down behind the trees and the sky was just gorgeous behind you.


We went on a family trip to frigid frog. Our first time going just the 5 of us. You were both pumped. As a parent I see that it is these little things that get you so excited.


Oh Judah you are as sweet as sugar.


catch and release. Somehow we get lots of moths caught in our screened in porch. You won't rest until you catch them and set them free. Here you have just let one go and you are both watching it fly free. I can tell the sense of pride you feel when you do it. You love that sense that you have just helped someone in a mighty way. Your brother thinks your talent is incredible and watches everything unfold with wonder.


When your Nana and Poppy go on a trip you are constantly asking when will they come home. You both miss them so much when they go. The day the come home is like a holiday for you two. This is the welcome you give them every time they return. Your legs can't run fast enough to get to them:) It blesses my heart to watch you sprint to greet them.


playdoh on the back deck in the morning light.


a little back yard golf cart riding on this fine February day.


Just a little morning guitar playing. You are so consumed with music in your play right now. You love Justin Bieber songs and now you know quite a few of them. This morning I asked you to go lay on my bed while I ran and grabbed your clothes from the other room. When I came back you were like this singing Justin Bieber songs.


today was a bad parenting day for me. The kind where you get in the shower that evening and just want to cry because you know you really didn't get it right. I have been worn out, overwhelmed and easily irritated. I have not shown patience or grace where I needed to. I failed. I knew I needed to confront you. We were sitting on the bed and I told you I was sorry for being easily frustrated today. And without hesitation you reached out, touched me and said, "its ok mom, you are doing your best." Its like Jesus was speaking directly through you. It was so effortless for you to forgive me AND encourage me. It was God's grace poured over me. It humbled me and convicted me in an instant. You have a good heart little girl and God uses you to push me to be more like Him on a daily basis. I'm so proud of who you are.


February art.


These dreary days sometimes make for the most fun evenings. Wet boots and dirty pants. Beautiful night skies and cute hoodies. All is good.