My Sam

Well it has been an awfully long time since I blogged on my page.  And I am so grateful to be starting back with my newest addition, Sam.  

Some of you may know, but about 2 years ago we lost a son.  He was 6 weeks old and it hurt. It hurt bad.  It hurt down so deep I thought I would never be myself again.  Noah's story is a story of great loss...a story of the grace of my good and faithful God....a story of hope.  I am a different person because I am Noah's mom.  I am forever changed.  He left a legacy that God used for His glory.  And what is the point of life if not to glorify God?  But he also left me with very empty arms.  I longed to fill those arms again.

One year after Noah went to be with The Lord, I found out I was pregnant with Sam (on Thanksgiving Day I might add).  God is so good!  My pregnancy was scary. It was a time of trust and hope.  And now I am blessed to announce that he is here.  Samuel Noah Yates.  The rainbow after the storm.  I couldn't have asked God for a more precious miracle.

Handsome boy!

Handsome boy!