The Jackson 4:)

What an incredible family, on an wonderful night, at a gorgeous location!  It doesn't get much better than having the opportunity to photograph a family like this one.  I count Karen and Russ as some of my closest friends and soon to be neighbors!  As for their sweet girls, Lucy Kate and Andie, they happen to be some of my daughter's favorite little people.  So, saying that I love this family is an understatement:)

There are so many sweet spots at this location, so it was fun to walk around and find some areas that inspired me.  The girls were so full of life and energy.  They spent most of their time running, jumping and playing.  There was not a dull moment.  And of course, Mom and Dad knew the tricks to sitting still so the girls snacked on cheerios in-between shots....and let's be honest....during some shots, too!  All in all, it was a very fun evening and I enjoyed every moment of it.