Jim & Courtney + Jackson

I am going to start off by saying that, in my humble opinion, taking pictures of your newborn within the first week of birth is equally as important as capturing your wedding day.  Some people might say I am crazy, but just hear me out.  A wedding day is a one day event and once it is over it is over.  You have to plan carefully who will take those pictures because there are no do-overs.  In the same way, anyone who is a parent knows that the newborn stage goes by in a flash.  You feel like you blink and it is over and they are already 6 months old and eating their first bite of solid foods.  So, there really is this small window of opportunity to get those newborn pictures.  Capturing those tiny feet and toes,  those little newborn wrinkles and eyelashes, is SO important!  And we are so honored that we were given the privilege of taking Jim and Courtney Grega's firstborn.  Here is baby Jackson- 5 days new:)