Hannah Stephens

When you get the opportunity to take pictures of a beautiful, talented and gracious young lady you feel incredibly blessed!  And, on top of that, to know that this amazing girl is my niece and I get to be a part of her life....it is just an honor!

Hannah just turned 14 in June, so these photos were taken to mark this time in her life.  I LOVE how photos can freeze a time in life that sometimes, lets be honest, you wish you could actually freeze.  Especially when it comes to your children:)  I love that her parents and family will be able to look back at this time when it has long passed and remember Hannah in this season.

For this photo session we headed to Downtown Newnan, which has so many unique settings and natural backdrops, that we just didn't have time to hit every single one.  In fact, we were taking pictures until there wasn't enough light to take pictures anymore.  That is when you know you love what you do and, more importantly, when you know you have a great model!  

For our second session we snapped pictures in our new studio for hours in the afternoon!  We were mesmerized by the poses that Hannah was capable of performing.  And we had so much fun that we just lost track of time.  I think we all left wishing we had more time to take some more shots and poses.

Hannah has always been such a joy!  She has, not only, a natural beauty, but an inner beauty that is evident to all she meets. And she is elegant...so elegant...when she dances!  So enjoy these photos of my amazing, oh so talented, niece!