Solly and Giardino Family

Sometimes you are lucky enough to witness an unforgettable time in a person's life. This was one of those times for us!  In July my mom and I were honored to take photos of two families coming together through marriage.  The Solly family and Giardino family all united for family portraits just before the Christy and Nick's wedding rehearsal.

Frost Chapel at Berry College.  Our beautiful location!

We were blessed with plenty of time and really beautiful families.  Everything fell right into place and the setting was absolutely gorgeous!  Thankfully, this made it easy to get many group shots and also individual family shots within our time frame.   

The happiness surrounding this event is hard to describe in words.  It was evident that these families were so grateful to celebrate the beginning of Christy and Nick's journey together.  And we were just happy to be involved:)