Abbie and Adalynn

I will just go ahead and let you know ahead of time that I am extremely bias when it comes to these two girls.  Abbie is my niece and Adalynn is my daughter:)  This photo session was fun for me because, not only did I get to take photos of these cute little models, but it was also one of my first photo shoots in our new studio!  And to top it all off, this was a surprise photo session for my mother-in-law, Gayle.  The plan was to pick our favorite picture and present it as a gift to our "Bibby" for Mother's Day.   She knew absolutely nothing about this, which made this day exciting, and added a little pressure, too!

Angel Noah, Abbie and Adalynn

This was the photo that we chose to print for her.  We sent this to an outstanding professional printing company (who we use for any of our costumer printing needs) and ordered a 20x24 Standout.  That moment that she opened this gift, saw all of her grandchildren (including my sweet angel Noah), and tears welled up in her eyes....that moment I will cherish forever!

I have to include the rest of this studio session as well.  These girls are just beautiful.  I loved the coordinating red outfits with this elegant black and white background.  Everything came together magnificently. I am so blessed by these girls and my Noah and so glad to have captured this moment in time for their Bibby.