The Shaw Family

Meet the Shaw family: Trevor, Nikki and 1 year old Parker!  This sweet family met us for an evening session in Downtown Senoia just recently.  

This particular evening mom and I arrived a few minutes early to really nail down the settings we wanted for this family shoot.  Downtown Senoia has so much character and there are so many options for fun and interesting photos.  I love the history that you see in these photos...the aged walls and buildings.  They add so much depth to pictures.  It makes me wonder how many families have posed in front of these walls before and what kinds of stories people could tell you about their memories of these buildings.

We are always a little nervous before a session, but the Shaw family was able to put us at ease right away.  We appreciated their willingness to go with the flow, their fun-loving natures and their kind dispositions.  Trevor, the dad, is hilarious!  He kept us laughing with his funny comments. Nikki, the mom, is just a sweetheart and little Parker is precious!  Parker was so serious for the camera which, his parents informed us, is not normally like him.  I am sure it had something to do with these strange ladies pointing a camera in his face and jumping around like crazy people in order to get a smile.  I was loving this serious demeanor, though, because I am a sucker for candid shots that capture the mood.  No forced smiles for this little guy.  You had to work for those grins and when you get even half of one it is worth all of the work!