The Campbell Family

I truly had such great time at this family session.  The Campbell family could not have been any easier to photograph.  No matter that these girls didn't get a full nap in this day, you would have never known it!  The girls were so willing to sit, pose and smile.  

When I shoot family photo sessions I really love seeing each family dynamic and watching siblings interact.  These girls had such unique personalities and relationships and I got the privilege to observe and take pictures.  I love this job:)  Lucy, the oldest, is a nurturer, who watches after her little sisters.  Annie, the middle daughter, is busy and adventurous.  There was barely a moment where she wasn't jumping, climbing, or running. So fun!  And Stella, the baby, well she is a cuddle bug.  And as far as parents go, Mark and Janna, are so loving and patient.  I really enjoyed looking back on these photos and remembering this session as I edited.  I hope you enjoy!