The Holloman Family + Kennedi

Welcome to the world, Kennedi Grace Holloman! These pictures were taken when she was just 6 days new.  The Holloman family is special to me for many reasons.  One of those reasons is that they are part of my family.  They are also funny, fun to be around, playful and just plain photogenic.  They are my family, but I am also glad to call them my good friends.  Brandon, Allie, Abbie and sweet little Kennedi blessed my heart by giving my mom and I the honor of taking these pictures.

Each and every time I take newborn photos I realize something else I love about it.  This special time with Kennedi made me take extra notice of the sweet little details of newborns.  The eyelashes, the fingernails, the precious little toes...they are all such a miracle.  This little girl was so intricately designed by The Lord.  She made me realize all over again just how special a healthy, beautiful newborn baby is.  There is nothing more amazing than seeing such a special gift designed just for this specific family.  We prayed for her, we hoped for her, we prepared for her, we dreamed of her...and now she is here. I am so thankful to know that I will get to watch her grow and learn.  I love this little girl so much already:)

Love this angle and those tiny fingers and toes

Big sister Abbie bonding with Kennedi.  What a beautiful moment!